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2021 Fundraising for purchase of a Gaga Ball Pit

$1000 was raised to purchase a Gaga Ball Pit for the Downsville Central students and community. It is an indoor/outdoor pit.

2020 Fundraising to benefit Covid supplies for the Downsville School District

$1200 was raised for the Downsville School to purchase thermometers, lanyards and supplies to help with keeping the kids in school during the Covid pandemic. 

2019 Fundraising to benefit Backpack Buddies Program of Downsville School District

1 in 3 children in America face hunger. Help us end hunger in our district by supporting the Backpack Buddies program which sends backpacks of needed food home with children on the weekends. Over $2800 was raised for the Backpack Buddies program.

2018 Fundraising to benefit Youth Sports of Colchester (Little League, Youth Soccer, Youth Basketball

Best Dam 5K raised over $3500 that was divided between the youth sports of the Town of Colchester to be used to update equipment, fields and promote activity among the younger generations!

2016-2017 Fundraising to finish the construction of the Fit Trail

Best Dam Race is raising funds to purchase fitness stations to be installed along a popular walking trail between the Fireman's Field, Downsville Central School and the Covered Bridge Park.

2015 Fundraising to benefit the Colchester Town Pool

Best Dam 5K/10K Race and Paddle supported deficiences in lack of funding for the local town pool by purchasing wooden lounge chairs, storage shed and road-side signage to increase awareness of its existence!

2013-2014 Fundraising to benefit the Pepacton Park

  • The Best Dam 5K 2014 is helping to raise funds help offset any deficiencies in lack of funding from the state level in order to see community projects go forward with construction as planned. We have purchased an ice-skating rink for free use for the public during the winter months this year. It will be ready for public use in December of 2014. We are also accepting donations of new or used ice-skates for public use!


  • 2013 funds from the race are going to be used for signage throughout the city of Downsville to increase awareness of available hiking trails and scenic areas. Funds were also used to purchase additional picnic tables and benches for the Park areas.


Funds may cover any of the following plans:


 a. Developing a Trail Head building with informational and directional signs and bathrooms, paved lot, benches, flower boxes and other landscaping at the site of the old town garage.  Native plantings with identification labels will be used for the gardens and flower boxes, benches and possible public art and sculptures to be installed.


 b. Linking that Trail Head area to the Covered Bridge Park by a walking/biking trail along Rt. 30 and River Road.


 c. To have a boardwalk type path down to the river by the trailhead area with a handicapped fishing access dock and scenic outlook to the Downsville Covered Bridge.


 d. The construction of a bridge over Downs Brook near the Covered Bridge to hook up with the informal path that exists on the firemen’s field, pool and school areas.  Paving of the walking/biking trail, Downs Brook Loop, and adding 7 wellness/exercise centers along the path with bike racks.  


 e. Bike Lanes would begin on Rt. 206 and 30 from the Firemen’s Field along to Main Street, up Main to Tub Mill and down Main to the Trail Head and up to Al’s Sports Store.  From Main the lane would be extended out Knox Avenue until the end of the street.


 f. Construction of a nature trail, called Downs Grave Loop, up through Paige Cemetery over to Downs Grave (with scenic outlook, benches and rest areas, plantings etc.) and continuing the trail to Knox Ave.


 g. The Streetscape beautification project on Main Street would involve more crosswalks, decorative lighting, consistent signage, planting boxes (using native bluestone from local stone quarries), directional and safety signs to make it safer to walk and bike through Downsville and give kids safer routes to school.



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