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We Support the Prescription Trails!


The Town of Colchester is involved in promoting The Prescription Trails.

There are 3 areas that the Best Dam Race promotes and supports financially for prescription trails in the village of Downsville.

  • The Covered Bridge Walk along Main Street to the Covered Bridge Park.

  • Downs Grave Trail up behind the Downsville Diner and the Town of Colchester cemetery.

  • Fitness Trail along the East Branch of the Delaware River near the Downsville Central School and Fireman's Field.


The Prescription Trails, or ‘Script Trails, initiative focuses on increasing the number of steps a person takes.

Most of the resources listed on the Prescription Trails website below are walking routes and hiking trails. However, all exercise is good, so you will find resources for all types of other local activities on the website as well.


O’Connor Hospital, working in collaboration with the Delaware County Public Health Services, Margaretville Memorial Hospital, Tri-Town Regional Hospital and Delaware Valley Hospital, Cornell Cooperative Extension Delaware County and the Rural Health Alliance of Delaware County seeks to enhance the population health and disease management initiatives by implementing Prescription Trails, or ‘Script Trails, and Complete Street projects. The long-term objective of these projects is to prevent chronic disease, increase physical activity in youth and adults, and promote a built environment which promotes healthy styles and reduces illness. The short-term objectives are to increase the number of marked walking routes or trails and the number of people (youth and adults) who report getting regular physical exercise- mainly through walking!



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